Setting Boundaries: how to build personal respect

setting boundaries act of love
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As we expand our personal awareness we increase our connection with who we really are and by getting new habits we empower our roots, believes and needs, this way we are able to access a part of us that motivates us to exercise respect.

Many people have transmitted that everything comes from within and it is really as simple as that. When we want to be respected it is very important that we know how to respect, from the heart. But, how do we know if we are respecting or not, if we don’t know our own personal boundaries and others’? Here self knowledge, self confidence, respect and transparent communication have an important role, since only our own selves are able to know what we really want, like and need, and when that is aligned to respect and constructivity, and that way is communicated, it is really from the heart.

Following these steps we can be more assertive when setting our own personal boudaries from the heart:

  1. Empowering beliefs: we have beliefs that leads us to a lack of self respect. For example “if we say “NO” we stay alone” or “saying always “YES” is necessary for being a good person”. These are beliefs, when we open up totally without setting any boundaries we hurt ourselves and set an example to everyone around us, that’s why it is very important to observe the reason why we’re not building what we desire.
  2. Inner connection, our desire: getting in touch with who we really are helps us design our lives and build the boundaries necessary for our development. If we want a job where we can have a flexible schedule we can find it, so we must send our CV to the companies that offer this benefit or create our own business (this would be a limit that helps us build what we want). REMEMBER THAT WHAT WE WANT FROM HEART IS ALWAYS CONNECTED TO TRANSPARENCY, RESPECT AND CONSTRUCTIVITY.
  3. Clear Boundaries: when we decide what we want in our personal, professional or loving lives, we can set clear boundaries that bring the results that we want. These boundaries must be aligned to the heart, that is, being detached and understanding the other’s freedom of being, so that we can build harmoniously.
  4. Comunication and application: to conclude the process it is important that we communicate our reality to the parties involved and apply what we desire. If we desire a relationship full of fidelity, loyalt, respect and freedom of being who we are, we must act coherently with that desire, work on ourselves what we want so we can offer it too.

This is an important cycle to connect in a more loving level to the world, making a habit of it we feel that our relationships transform themselves and get lighter.

After two years of working at an office, I realized that my desire is being with people and help them to be the best version of themselves and having time during the day to take care of myself, the boundary I set over time was “working where I can help people and take care of myself”. That, totall, changes my life. What about you? Have you ever set a boundary that changes your life?

 Written by Ángel (@angellifecoach)


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