Constructive Parents: 6 steps to have an assertive relationship with our children

Constructive parents
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For relationships to be constructive, they need investment of time and commitment from people involved in it, regardless of purpose or nature. Parents, siblings, uncles, grandparent, grandchildren, cousins, friends, colleagues, teachers, students, mates, clients, companies, etc., can improve our life by observing the way we relate to everyone and everything and assessing the constructivity of our interactions.

When we put ourselves in people’s shoes  we can have a wider and more objective vision of what’s happening, since we can go beyond the titles that we have and take us, many times, to act from what we think that title represent, but we are more than that. When we put ourselves in our parent’s shoes, understanding that they do their best they can from their point of view, that they have taught to us how to live in this world through their experience, and that their emotions and fears drive the way they interact with us, we are more aware of the power we have of being better human beings by working hard on our own selves. We don’t need to try to change people, feeling good about our own evolution, and personal work, is enough for everyone around us to recognize new things that may help them transforming their own selves.

We know that as children we have he opportunity to create harmony with our parents and it is important that, as parents that we are, or want to be, we also assume the responsibility for acts that are really constructive for the relationship with our children. Here we have 6 steps to expand our awareness as parents for having a more assertive relationship with our kids:

  1. Understand that the children belong to the world and that they need an example of consciousness, self-sufficiency, collaboration and respect at home so they can be their own selves and integrate that example into their life to build a better world.
  2. Create an environment where there is transparent expression and full presence (moments where there is only time and space for family communication)
  3. Know and understand yourself (emotionally, sentimental, physically and mentally) to constantly evolve and be able to guide your children along this constructive path.
  4. Be consistent and seek the clearest possible way of explaining to children what is not clear for them.
  5. Stimulate a child’s creativity and enrich it through new knowledge and experiences.
  6. Teach through example the importance of clarity and focus, what you want and the discipline to act assertively.

Being parents is the opportunity to grow in love, to relate to another generation to enrich our own experience, to build the best possible way for that legacy to evolve and touch more hearts. To be a parent is to plant the best seed, to water it, to care for it, and to let it bloom.

Let’s thank our parents for the beautiful work they’ve done with us. Let’s allow us to flourish and to be more conscious, responsible and constructive people, and bring this construction to our children.



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