4 steps to transform our, not so necessary, needs

To transform our minds and focus that energy on the empowering construction of our lives, ans others’, is not always enough practicing to see the constructive side of the situations, sometimes we need to go deeper in order to understand our personal beliefs system and the needs behind itself, since when we aknowledge the need, that generate the belief, and transform it, we are able to, efectively, acting different in a coherent way.

At some moments it seems difficult to think something constructive about a certain situation so we can empower our thoughts and beliefs and in that moment we must stop to analize the origin of that internal discomfort, that means there is something we haven’t considered yet, our own needs.

We always build a reality along with certain needs, that can, or not, be ours. For this reason it’s very useful to spend some time living in a different way from the one we’ve always lived, by changing that, we perceive that not all we thought we need we really need.

Now that we understand better what a need is and its effect, let’s learn an easy way of working it out.

  1. Identify the need that leads us to the belief that leads to discomfort to be empowered.
  2. Analize if the need is really necessary.
  3. If it’s not necessary we can change our need.
  4. If it’s necessary we should align the believe and the thought with it and have the courage to transform the situation through action.

To have harmony in our lives, it is important to change the perspective, some aspects will be easier to work, others less, the important thing is that we always seek neutrality.

Written by Ángel (@angellifecoach)


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